Josefina Buschmann - Filmic Map of a Country - is a collaborative web documentary composed of visual fragments about present-day Chile, creating an open-ended mosaic of stories as ragged and scattered as reality itself. These films, marked by the personal views of the authors presented in stimulating images, offer the viewer a space to reflect and discuss Chilean history, present and times ahead.


Back Home is a collaborative virtual reality project that gives prison inmates a chance to connect with the outside world from an intimate perspective.
Through 360 videos recorded by their relatives, the inmates can virtually travel to their families' homes and share a day in their daily lives. 

To Live 10,000 Years by Danny Goldfield.jpg

Danny Goldfield


To Live 10,000 Years is an ongoing portrait project by Danny Goldfield that will include 2 centenarians (1 woman and 1 man) in each of the 50 United States.

Through his travels Danny finds himself interlocuting on behalf of the image and the people whose lives he is documenting. The form of live narration along with photography is a repurposing of the tradition of performance documentary. This is a photography and video project for historians, community members, families with centenarians, visual anthropologists, and anyone who has an interest in illustrated oral histories.

Danny hopes to involve attendees in his unique treasure hunt by seeking to locate centenarians to complete the project. He is looking for subjects in Massachusetts and other New England states. To know more log on to the project website: