Swim For Life | Lise Balk King

How do we deal with the shattering loss of a loved one? Thirty years ago during the height of the AIDS crisis, two friends decided to swim across the deep, chilly waters of Provincetown Harbor to ease the pain of so many friends lost, and to raise money and awareness. This simple action has been repeated each year since, and has grown into an extraordinary gathering of community, including hundreds of swimmers and supporters, spectators and well wishers. The Swim for Life now welcomes all who wish to participate, for any reason, and it has become an annual ceremony, a collective healing for all who dive into the deep waters in sacrifice and joy to those they have loved and lost.

6 min


FIBA Allow Hijab
Tim O’Donnell and Jon Mercer

Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir is the all-time leading scorer in Massachusetts history for high school basketball (male or female). In 2010, she became the first NCAA Division I player to wear a hijab on the court. But today she is blocked from pursuing her professional basketball career due to a FIBA rule that bans headscarves in international competitions.

15 min


For You, Alexis | Douglas Gordon

For You, Alexis is a love letter from Sulem Urbina to her younger brother, Alexis. Both boxers, the two had a dream of reaching the 2016 Olympics together.

25 min