Imagine Kolle 37 | Michele Meek

Imagine Kolle 37 is a short documentary / narrative hybrid film about two girls who imagine their way to Kolle 37, a real adventure playground in Berlin, Germany. Ultimately, the film poses the question – can we, as Americans, imagine Kolle 37, which in fact is a real children's playground in Berlin?

7 min


Memories Station | Derek Frank

Meet Boston radio legend Bob Bittner whom The Boston Phoenix weekly called "The Last Auteur of Terrestrial Radio". Bob owns and is the sole programmer of four, listener supported, radio stations all of which play his carefully curated blend of American popular music from the 40's through the 80's.  

17 min


The Collection | Adam Roffman

Two friends stumble upon a unique and valuable treasure trove of film history in Omaha, Nebraska.

12 min


The Glorious Future | Laura Longsworth

A life-long activist, Susan McLucas travels the globe to fight for human rights and to stop wars. Ultimately, she finds the greatest satisfaction in effecting change at home, in Somerville, MA teaching grown-ups to ride bikes.

12 min