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STARTUP BACKLOT is a new opportunity to feature media-focused startups at Mass Media Expo. We're pleased to announce the first group of startups in #MASSMEDIA16, and for attendees to engage these entrepreneurs and experience some of the freshest ideas in media innovation. 


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FilterGrade is a marketplace where you can get filters from your favorite photographers: including Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions made by talented photographers, designers, and creative entrepreneurs from around the world.




Petricore is an award winning game development studio that develops Mobile, VR, and Desktop applications. Petricore has launched multiple projects featured on the front page of the app store, including two games Mind the Arrow and Gelato Flicker, both of which has over 400,000 downloads across iOS and Android.



Reactor brings the tools, scale, and data for effective native advertising into one platform, built and designed for brand content distribution and measurement.

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X-Factor Films is a "Netflix" for millennial women. Mainstream Hollywood caters to men in 85% of its content, but there are 850 million millennial women in the world to serve. Our goal is to partner with the best emerging and established creators to provide the best digital entertainment experience for an underserved audience.

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Lumii delivers engaging, hologram-like 3D experiences to the world of large-format print advertising. The idea behind Lumii is the result of years of research at MIT: replacing traditional optics with algorithms, to deliver high-quality, glasses-free 3D experiences using readily-available printers, ink, and media.




Known by The Huffington Post, Record Magazine, Post Magazine, and Microsoft as the first digital audio workstation (DAW) designed to provide a hybrid desktop / mobile / in-browser music production work environment from the ground up. 

SoundBridge has dropped the learning-curve of these technologies from a minimum of 2+ years to approximately 24 hours with the removal of unnecessary low-level functionality.